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  • How to Remove Latex Paint from Shingles

    Mike asked: Is there any way to remove latex paint from roofing shingles? I dropped a paint brush (beyond the drop cloth area) and have white latex paint on a shingle

  • How to Remove Paint From Asphalt Shingles | eHow

    Wet a rag with paint stripper or paint remover, and blot the surface of the paint with the rag. Do not scrub with the rag, because that will damage the shingle. Place several drops of rubbing alcohol onto the surface of the paint; use enough to completely wet the surface.

  • How Do I Remove Splatter From Shingles? -

    Nov 04, 2009· Is there a good way besides using a power washer to remove latex paint off of asphalt shingles? I have an overhang where soffit goes directly over the shingles

  • O/T How to clean dried paint off of shingles | Trap

    Apr 30, 2007· O/T How to clean dried paint off of shingles. Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by bigdogtx, how to remove latex paint from asphalt shingles,

  • How to Remove Paint From Cedar Shingles | Hunker

    Remove Paint From Cedar Shingles. Step 1 Set up your ladder at the highest point on the exterior wall. What Is the Difference Between Asphalt & Composition Shingles?

  • How can I get paint off the roof? My contractor

    for a paint remover that would take the paint off but not attack asphalt to remove the paint then immediately based paint onto the shingles as

  • How To Remove Paint From Roof Shingles? -

    It is easy to remove the paint from the roof shingles. Initially clear the upper layer paint by rubbing it with a smooth emery paper. Then apply any branded paint

  • Painting Asphalt Roof shingles? - Paint Talk

    Apr 20, 2013· customer wants me to paint his shingle roof Painting Asphalt Roof shingles? Remove Advertisements.

  • Paint Over Asphalt Shingles? - Roofing - Contractor Talk

    Aug 20, 2011· I've spilled paint on an asphalt roof before, it comes right off in a couple of days. Paint Over Asphalt Shingles?

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    DIY Car Paint; DIY Oil Home › Roof › Roof Repair › Roof Removal: How To Tear Off Roof Shingles. we’ll show you how to remove asphalt shingles quickly,

  • How to Remove and Prevent Black Algae Stains on Asphalt

    How to Remove and Prevent Black Algae Stains on Black Algae Stains on Asphalt Shingle can be used to remove black algea from asphalt shingles.

  • Paint Over Asphalt Shingles? - Roofing - Contractor Talk

    Aug 20, 2011· I notice that the paint that is applied to asphalt (friable) and then you are better off removing Paint Over Asphalt Shingles?

  • How to Clean Asphalt: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    How to Clean Asphalt Cleaning asphalt is a task that many homeowners do once or twice each year. With asphalt driveways, the process of cleaning typically requires using the right combination of cleaning products to help loosen oil and other types of stains from the surface, making it possible to restore the look of the area to its original condition.

  • How to Install Architectural Shingles | Hunker

    Architectural, or dimensional, shingles, on the other hand, include an additional layer of asphalt in their lower portions that creates a thicker, three-dimensional appearance and provides an extra layer of waterproofing. Architectural shingles add interest to a roof, but only proper installation will ensure a durable, waterproof surface.

  • removing dried paint from shingle - Houzz

    Any suggestions on how to best remove some dried acrylic housepaint from my (new, fifty-year traditional asphalt/composite shingle) roof? Bonehead workman splashed

  • paint overspray of shingle roof help - Paint Talk

    Jan 30, 2009· paint overspray of shingle roof help. Remove Advertisements and I will point and laugh), the paint will be gone but the shingles

  • How to remove white paint from black shingles? - Houzz

    Is there any way to remove the latex paint? How to remove white paint from black shingles? Do not use oil-based paint on asphalt shingles.

  • I used paint thinner to remove paint from ashpalt shingles

    Jul 27, 2008· Best Answer: The paint thinner has dissolved the asphalt in the shingles and damaged them. You can replace the damaged areas or have your whole roof re-shingled if there is not an old layer already under the current shingle layer. Replacing just the damaged sections is the easiest and cheapest option.

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  • Roof Removal: How To Tear Off Roof Shingles | Family Handyman

    DIY Car Paint; DIY Oil Home › Roof › Roof Repair › Roof Removal: How To Tear Off Roof Shingles. we’ll show you how to remove asphalt shingles quickly,

  • Painting or sealing asphalt shingles - Finishing

    Painting or sealing asphalt shingles. time is that if you want to paint asphalt shingles, is not harder to remove elastomeric coated asphalt shingles,

  • What is the Most Efficient Way to Remove Roof Shingles

    How to Estimate the Cost to Replace Roof Decking & Shingles; How to Remove Old Asphalt Shingles Before The most efficient way to remove roof shingles is to

  • asphalt shingle siding - Forum - Bob Vila

    We are purchasing a home built in 1890. The siding is grey asphalt shingles. We want to paint it white but with asking around have not gotten any advice

  • Can I Paint Asphalt Roof Shingles? - Extreme How

    Can I paint asphalt roof shingles? A. It is possible to paint asphalt shingles, Is there an easier way to remove ice from car windows than scraping?

  • Overspray With Paint Sprayer - Renovation

    Answer: I will assume you are talking about asphalt shingles. It is also possible you might smear the paint rather than remove it,

  • How To Remove Asphalt Shingles |

    Removing asphalt shingles is an easy task for the average homeowner, and requires little equipment. Follow the procedure outlined below to remove shingles, and take

  • BEHR 5-gal. Flat Latex Deep Base Roof Paint-06605

    The BEHR 5-Gallon Flat Latex Deep Base Roof Paint will not discolor or fade when exposed to high roof temperatures. The 100% acrylic latex base provides excellent adhesion for all types of roofing materials and can be tinted to match a variety of colors. It is ideal for application on tile, metal, wood and asphalt shingles.

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  • White Overspray On Brown Composite Roof -

    Aug 05, 2013· White overspray on brown composite roof. Painter is suggesting we try Krud kutter to remove, Shingle paint will fix it.

  • Can You Paint Shingles? - Modernize

    Can You Paint Shingles? Roof paints also adhere properly to asphalt, wood shakes, tile, and other roofing materials. As with any project,

  • Removing Paint From Cedar Shingles | The

    Removing paint from cedar shingles is time-consuming, but doable - learn how. Plus, get tips for maximum adhesion when you repaint so you don't have to tackle this

  • painting asbestos shingles - Forum - Bob Vila

    Yes you can paint them and they hold very well. The first thing you need to do is wash the shingles down to remove dirt and mildew. Jomax is good product to use and

  • Paint Over Spray on Roof Shingles – Building

    Oct 12, 2015· Paint Over Spray on Roof Shingles Asphalt Shingle Roof Coating How to Remove Paint Spills,

  • How-to Remove Asphalt Roofing Shingles - YouTube

    Jun 12, 2013· How to remove and replace asphalt shingles roofing repair - Duration: 22:28. Project Bolony 17,528 views. 22:28.

  • Asbestos: Homeowner Information - Roofing and

    Asphalt roofing felt; Asphalt roofing shingles; Paint; Go to > top. How do I Homeowners may legally remove asbestos materials themselves from the single

  • Roof Replacement Basics You MUST Know Before

    For example, wood shake shingles can be used for steeper pitched roofs but not low-pitched roofs. Asphalt Composition Shingles: Cheap and easily obtainable, but less

  • Rated The Best Roof Mildew Remover - Wet and

    Watch How To Remove Mildew From Shingles. Spray any exterior surface such as your steel roof, cedar roof, asphalt shingles, rubber roof, roof tiles, even metal and

  • getting asphalt shingle marks off of | Fine

    getting asphalt shingle marks Be carefull with re-painted aluminum siding cause it can remove the top layer of paint.We use it on 1-2 marks on almost every

  • Removing Tar From a Roof | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Removing Tar From Wood; How to Remove Flake off sporadic drips and dollops of tar from asphalt shingles you'll need to patch it will metal primer and paint.

  • How do you get latex paint off shingles? | Yahoo Answers

    Jul 26, 2007· How do you get latex paint off shingles roofing shingles, and asphalt based with to match the current shingles, remove the latex

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  • Repairing an Asphalt Shingle Roof - Today's Homeowner

    As they age asphalt shingles can Replacement is the best solution here and that begins with removing the shingles that lap over Tips for Today's Homeowner.

  • Roof Stains Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing

    Roof Stains Should Be Cleaned Without Scrubbing. pop right off of asphalt shingles, those stains which also will remove paint overspray from shingles.

  • How to Remove paint from asphalt -

    Paint can be difficult to remove. To remove paint from asphalt aperson needs to use a variety of paint thinners, depending on thetype of paint that has been spilled.

  • Stain Remover For Shingles - Superior Industries

    The finest product on the market today for removing roof shingle stains caused Stain Remover For Shingles Roof stone, stucco, siding, asphalt shingles,

  • How to Remove Paint From Cedar | eHow

    How to Remove Paint From Cedar; How to Paint Cedar Shingles. How to Remove Paint From Asphalt Shingles. How to Remove Graffiti From Concrete.

  • How to Remove Tar Scuffs from Metal Siding

    How to Remove Tar Scuffs from Metal Siding. The roofing crew dropped the old shingles Some products that can be used to remove tar, will also remove the paint.

  • Removing Stains On Asphalt Shingles - Fortified

    Middlesex County NJ Roofers: Removing Stains On Asphalt Shingles. A clean roof can increase a home's curb appeal.

  • Is it possible to remove colored paint from cedar shingles

    We are buying an old house that has cedar shingles (I think they are cedar, they are some type of wood) and I was wondering if its completely crazy to think we can

  • Asphalt and Tar Remover/Degreaser - The - The Home Depot

    Enjoy the Asphalt and Tar Remover/Degreaser may be used to remove asphalt from tar asphalt emulsions paint grease graffiti stains

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  • Asphalt Shingle Restoration Coating ⋆Nutech

    Your newly coated asphalt shingles will be utilizing Nutech Paint’s Nanotechnology that repels water, dirt, mold and algae, prolonging the life of your asphalt shingle roof. NXT Cool Coat’s Heat Reflective properties will keep your home naturally cooler and will save you on cooling costs by reflecting light, not allowing heat to radiate into your home.

  • How to Remove Moss From Your Roof - The Spruce

    Learn how to remove moss How to Remove Moss From Your Roof. By it's tougher to get off than the relatively smoother planes of composite or asphalt shingles.

  • Painting Asbestos Siding | Asbestos Siding

    Asbestos Siding Shingles; right” paint when painting asbestos siding, but they are definitely necessary when removing siding — but peace of mind is

  • A way to remove nails from a new shingle without tearing

    A way to remove nails from a new shingle without tearing it? I need to remove some shingles from a new roof that has not been exposed to hot sun yet

  • Paint Drip Removal Help | Fine Homebuilding |

    Jul 03, 2007· In some cases, after removing the bulk of the paint (but leaving a "ghost"), it may be best to simply paint the surface to match its surroundings -- a little dab of brown on the shingles, a little dab of red on brick.

  • Metal Roofing Cost vs. Asphalt Shingles: Metal Roof Prices

    Metal Roofing Cost vs. Asphalt Shingles: Metal Roof Prices and the quality of paint finish it may not be a bad idea to remove the asphalt shingles first,

  • Metal Roofing Installation — The Family Handyman

    Covering your existing asphalt shingles with metal › Metal Roofing Installation: How to Install Metal know how to install metal roofing over shingles

  • Best 25+ Asphalt shingles ideas on Pinterest | Asphalt

    Instead of replacing your asphalt shingles to give your home a new look, you can paint them with acrylic paint. Painting the asphalt shingles will cost less than replacing them,. Wood that burns at low temperatures has a greater chance of developing incomplete combustion. When incomplete combustion occurs, creosote will appear.

  • How to remove paint overspray from roof (Home

    Ask Your Question. Angie's List Answers How to remove paint overspray from roof House painter oversprayed facia and gutter paint onto black asphalt shingle roof.

  • Fixing Damaged Roof Shingles | This Old House

    Step-by-step instructions for the three most-common asphalt-shingle repairs Fixing Damaged Roof Shingles. remove the pry bar, press the shingle down and pull

  • Rust Stains on Shingles - F9 BARC Authorized

    Rust stains on shingles use to be very difficult to remove without damage. Not any more! Using F9 BARC, the Best Rust Remover, Authorized F9 Applicators can make your

  • Roof-Be-Clean - roof cleaning product for roof

    Shingle cleaning without harmful Today it is a big problem because the design of asphalt shingles has changed nor does Roof-Be-Clean ® remove paint from

  • White Stains on Roof Surfaces How to diagnose & remove

    Hard water calcium stains on asphalt shingle roofs. But water draining or leaking from a rooftop mounted evaporative cooler or "swamp cooler" is more of a problem, as we illustrate below. Reader Question: How to remove hard water/calcium stains from roofs with asphalt shingles.

  • How to Clean Paint Off Asphalt Roofs | Peak Pro

    Here's how to clean paint off asphalt roof Asphalt roofs and asphalt shingles are some of the most common roofs we see How to Remove Dry Paint From

  • Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles - Pros, Cons, Comparisons

    Asphalt shingles can vary in colors to match the paint or brick of a home, and the variety of their colors is more than with metal roofing. The three-tab shingles give a flat appearance while the more expensive architectural

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    Can paint be removed from an asphalt driveway? Removing Paint from Asphalt Driveway Q&A. Be sure to scroll down there may be

  • Finishing: Paints, Stains & Coatings - Cedar Shake &Shingle

    Finishing: Paints, Stains & Coatings How can I remove paint from cedar shakes without damage? The CSSB would suggest speaking to a

  • Show Notes: Asphalt vs Fiberglass Shingles - On

    Show Notes: Asphalt vs Fiberglass Shingles. By onthehouse on There are several ways to remove Paint over the treated spot and that chaise will be right

  • Rust Stain on Asphalt Shingles | DIY Forums

    May 06, 2008· Does anybody know how to remove rust stains from asphalt shingles? I have to vents that have left rust streaks running all the way down the roof to

  • Residential Roofing FAQ, Roofing Shingles Guide

    Roofing FAQ. There’s no such Can bird excrement affect asphalt roofing shingles? The affect of paint on shingles is very negligible. Technically,

  • How to remove asphalt spray from paint | Tesla

    The clay bar will remove any rough spots on your paint. Do wast time to remove asphalt spray from the car. Give your car for car removal yard and get cash.

  • High-pressure Washing May Remove Paint From Shingles

    Sep 26, 1986· Q--My house is sided with cedar shingles that were painted about four years ago. The paint on one side of the house is badly weathered and flaking. Paint

  • How To Remove Old Asphalt Roof Shingles -

    Home improvement article about re-roofing project, shingle tear-off procedures.

  • How To Install Roof Jacks - Work Safely On A Steep Roof

    The proper way to work on a steep roof is to install roof jacks and the roof jacks just rest on top of the asphalt shingles. As soon as I remove a